About Sara Somers

My name is Sara Somers.  I live in Paris.  In a beautiful apartment that overlooks the river Seine and the Pont Neuf.  I am retired, used to live in Oakland, California and moved to Paris two and half years ago.  I walk everywhere and see a lot of everyday parisian life.  I go to movies, volunteer at the American Library in Paris and write.  I find it hard to be in this city without expressing the wonder that I feel most of the time.  

I am the author of Saving Sara A Memoir of Food Addiction available wherever books are sold. I also write a blog about Food Addiction. You can find it at http://www.saving-sara.org. Instagram: @savingsarathebook

These are my thoughts.

5 thoughts on “About Sara Somers”

  1. Sara, that’s a pretty seriously accurate account of what we experienced last week at Monet’s Garden. Thanks for being a great roommate! I can just picture the view over the tops of the poppies to La Reserve as we walked the perimeter.

  2. Hi Sara, I am an old friend of Darcy Hartmann’s from San Francisco…trying to say hello to her but have no contact information…can you give her my email please or give me her contact info? Lesli L390@gmail.com….Most appreciative!
    Lesli Lawrence

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