Boxing Day with Meg on the Cote d’Azur

Christmas meal with champagne on the boardwalk of Monte Carlo
Marche de Noel in Monte Carlo


Santon Chalet
William Grover dit “Williams” winner of the first Grand Prix of Monaco 14th April 1929 in a Bugatti 35B


Casino at Monte Carlo


Christmas trees with Casino in backgroundIMG_5428.JPG
Coffee in the Hotel de Paris


Castle of Monaco where Princess Grace lived
On the way home to Antibes–near Grasse–snowy Alps in background .

Author: Sara Somers

I am retired from my first profession, am from Oakland, California, living in Paris, France since 2013. I love books, movies, and watching everyday life in Paris out my window. Please enjoy my musings as I grow into the author others say I am. I am always open to thoughts and ideas from others about this blog. I like to write about Paris, about France, about the US as seen from France. About France that the US may or may not know.

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